Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is a thickening of nerve tissue between the toes. It commonly affects the nerve that travels between the third and fourth toes.

Morton’s neuroma is more common in women than men.The exact cause is unknown.
However, some experts believe the following may play a role in the development of this condition:
Abnormal positioning of toes

Flat feet
Forefoot problems, including bunions and hammer toes
High foot arches
Tight shoes and high heels

Symptoms of Morton’s neuroma include:
Tingling in the space between the third and fourth toes
Toe cramping
Sharp, shooting, or burning pains in the ball of your foot (and sometimes toes)
Pain that increases when wearing shoes or pressing on the area
Pain that gets worse over time
In rare cases, nerve pain occurs in the space between the second and third toes. This is not a common form of Morton’s neuroma, but treatment is similar.

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